Afionas is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Corfu, that still maintains its true traditional Corfian character. It is based in the North West part of the island and it is set at the top of the cape between the villages of San George and Arillas.

It is very well known for the spectacular view that it offers especially during the sunset, as it overlooks Arillas bay, the most western point of the whole Greece. You can also see the Gravia island and the Diapondia islands – Mathraki, Othoni & Erikoussa. It is a very unique spot and it is definitely worth the visit.

At the centre of the village there is a traditional square and an old church. You can also see the many paths that run off this main square. Afionas is also very famous for the good food ,restaurants and the hospitality .


Porto Timoni is a beautiful beach, well hidden and not particularly known, below Afionas village and near Agios Georgios Pagi. Essentially, it is about two different beaches which, are separated by a narrow strip of land. 

The small one is called Limni and the big one Porto Timoni. In fact, this location is magnificent as verdant, dense hills end upon these two beaches, one with blue waters and the second with more deep blue waters. These two bays as you will figure out have different water temperatures.


In order to get to Porto Timoni you must follow the path which, begins from the small path wich start next from our restaurant . The duration of the route until the beach lasts approximately 20 minutes but, you must be notably cautious as the path, although it is a walk, is abrupt and in many spots rugged.
The only things you will find in Porto Timoni are the closed, lee bays, very clean waters and a few bathers. Obviously this is a totally unorganized beach and therefore you must have water and all the essentials for your stay there. If you like, you can continue on the path towards the edge of the peninsula which, reaches to the chapel of Agios Stylianos that is built in a small cave.